Vax S86SFP Steam Fresh Pet Steam Cleaner Review

The name says a lot about this steam cleaner and if you’re a pet owner, chances are that you’re already intrigued. Pet hair, dander and stains can be notoriously difficult to deal with.

The high temperature of steam and its disinfecting qualities make the mess manageable in an environmentally-friendly way.

So, does Vax S86SFP feature everything that a pet owner needs? Let’s find out?

Does it Work?

With four different settings, Vax S86SFP steam cleaner can be used on an array of floor surfaces. The cleaner can even glide effortlessly over a carpet, which is perfect for those puppy stains.


In addition to the powerful steam, the appliance features a scrub brush for older stain or tougher messes. If you have to do in-depth cleaning, you’ll be capable of accomplishing the mission using Vax S86SFP.

Equipped with a powerful 1600W motor, the appliance heats up fast and ensures the sufficient steam pressure. To sum it up, Vax S86SFP does work and it comes with all of the accessories needed to keep a home where pets live perfectly clean.

Main Benefits

Several characteristics of this Vax steam cleaner have resulted in praise from multiple buyers. The most important positive characteristics include:

  • Various accessories provided: the kit is equipped with a range of accessories that are especially designed for cleaning floors and pet messes. The box includes two Velcro microfiber floor pads, a special pet pad, carpet gliding brush, a compact scrub brush and 250 millilitres of pet detergent. The steam cleaner does an excellent job on its own but if you’d like to deodorise surfaces and make them extra shiny, the detergent will be required.


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  • Steam burst function: apart from the four steam settings, the cleaner has a steam burst function that’s perfect for tackling stubborn or older stains. The steam will be powerful enough to penetrate layers of grime and break them down.
  • Quick heat up time: the motor is powerful enough to turn the water into steam in just 15 seconds. The steaming time per single reservoir is 30 minutes, enabling you to do a lot of work before you have to refill.
  • A detachable scrub brush: the compact scrub brush can be detached from the main unit to address stubborn stains.
  • Lightweight and compact design: since it’s an upright steam cleaner, this one has to be compact and lightweight. The cleaner measures 32 by 117 by 30 centimetres and its weight is solely 3.5 kilograms. The design is well balanced and really stable. You can leave the cleaner standing on its own without worrying about it tilting and tipping over.


  • Long cord: the steam cleaner’s cord is extra long – nine metres. The length is sufficient to get through an entire big room without having to look for a second outlet. Cord storage is available to reduce the risk of someone tripping over the appliance when it’s not being used.
  • Very easy to use on carpeted surfaces: several reviewers reported that the steam cleaner is equally easy to use on hardwood floor and carpeted surfaces. The process is far from strenuous, even when the appliance is used on thicker carpets.

A Few Shortcomings

Vax S86SFP steam cleaner misses the mark in just a few ways:

  • Detergent isn’t a specialised product: some reviewers reported that the detergent doesn’t contain any specialised ingredients that make it more suitable for pet owners. In essence, it has a composition similar to the one of any store-bought cleaning liquid.
  • It lacks additional accessories: apart from the carpet glider, the microfiber cloths and the pet attachment, the steam cleaner misses some of the accessories that other appliances come with.


  • Tank can’t be refilled on the spot: if you run out of water while cleaning the floors, you’ll have to take the reservoir out and refill it at the sink.
  • Stiff trigger: to produce steam, you have to keep the trigger pressed during the entire cleaning process. Some people found the trigger to be too stiff and cumbersome to keep pressed.


Final Verdict
The pet attachment and the design of Vax S86SFP make it great for people that have cats or dogs. The product does have a few problems.

If you’re not concerned about the cons mentioned in this review, you’ll definitely be happy with Vax S86SFPsteam cleaner.