Vax S5 Steam Cleaner Review

A Master Cleaner for the Kitchen and Bathroom 

Looking for a compact yet powerful steam cleaner? Vax S5 is one of the options you should explore. This small machine can be used for steam cleaning all kinds of surfaces ranging from floors to kitchen appliances. Vax S5 comes with a range of accessories and nozzles that makes the unit versatile and highly practical.


This S5 is a great little machine. It comes with many of accessories to enable you to clean the smallest to largest spills and stains whether it be on carpets or furniture.

Vax S5 Steam Cleaner Basic Features

Vax-S5-Steam-Cleaner-300x300The Vax S5 is suitable for cleaning without the use of commercial detergents and chemicals.

The hot steam can break up grime, grease and dirt buildups quickly and efficiently. The unit will remove all kinds of dirt, regardless of age and scale.

The beautiful 16-piece accessory kit is one of the most important features and it makes Vax S5 such a great cleaner. There are nozzles and attachments suitable for the cleaning of floors, windows, mirrors, cooker hoods, grills and many others.

Vax S5 is provided with a two year guarantee for your convenience. Here are some of the additional features and characteristics of the steam cleaner:

  • Filling the reservoir once will provide you with 30 minutes of steaming time
  • The water heat up time is approximately eight minutes
  • The machine is incredibly lightweight and practical
  • Availability of accessories like a measuring jug, a funnel, a scrapper tool, an upholstery tool and a window tool among others
  • 1500 watts of heating output
  • 1.2 litres water tank capacity
  • Cord length of six metres
  • Weight of 3.4 kilograms
  • Hose length of 1.6 metres

Vax S5 Biggest Advantages

vax-5-cooker-300x300The lightness of the Vax S5 steam cleaner and the availability of so many accessories turn it into the perfect little addition to your cleaning arsenal. This steam cleaner comes at an affordable price and the guarantee itself is a great advantage to note. Some of the other important benefits include:

  • Very powerful for such a small machine, delivering hot steam within a very short period of time
  • The size of the water tank enables 30 minutes of cleaning without interruptions
  • The size of the machine makes it incredibly easy to move around and to store
  • It comes with a relatively long cord for more convenient cleaning around the house
  • Powerful steam that enables cleaning without solutions and chemicals – it gets rid of dirt and it kills bacteria

A Few Shortcomings


Though customer satisfaction with the steam cleaner is high, there are a few shortcomings that need to be included in the review for a completely unbiased presentation. There are several disadvantages, the most important ones being:

  • Some of the people who bought the steam cleaner found its functioning to be noisy
  • The Vax S5 lacks a water tank level indicator
  • There is only one cloth provided, the one dedicated to upholstery cleaning
  • The relatively big water reservoir increases the overall weight of the steam cleaner

Customer Reviews and Comments

Going through websites like Amazon and other online stores will give you access to a wide range of customer reviews. The majority of people who bought the Vax S5 steam cleaner were happy with its functioning and the accessories.

According to one of the reviewers,

“This little machine is marvellous. It comes with loads of accessories to enable you to clean the smallest area up to carpets and upholstery. The instructions are fairly basic but easy to follow.”

The reviewer wrote that the accessories are easy to change and their availability makes the Vax S5 suitable for all types of cleaning projects around the house.

Vax S5 steam cleaner provides a good price to quality ratio. It is a small but powerful machine that can transform water into hot steam within a few minutes. The accessory kit is one of the biggest assets and it adds a lot of value to the purchase of the steam cleaner.