Polti Vaporetto Pocket Steam Cleaner

The Polti ptgb0033 handheld steam cleaner has many uses throughout your house. Not only can you clean floors with it, but you can also clean sinks, tubs, walls, counter tops, stoves, and more. Let’s look into some pros and cons for this steam machine.

Polti Vaporetto Pocket Review

There are some benefits of using this steam cleaner that are worth mentioning and they are listed below:


  • Steam is a natural way to clean items throughout your home. It can even remove grease from surfaces.
  • The Vaporetto is a small lightweight machine. It is about the size of a rugby or soccer ball and it weighs only 3.9kg. At this compact size and weight, it is easy to carry from room to room.
  • There is no need to use chemical products in your cleaning with this machine. The steam it provides can even eliminate dust mites, dirt and other allergens from surfaces.
  • The pressure and steam this machine provides is enough to remove harmful bacteria and germs throughout your home to make it more hygienic in which to live.
  • The Polti Pocket Steam Cleaner has a shoulder strap to enable you to carry it easily throughout the house, while you clean.
  • Contains a special patented safety cap that is designed not to open until a certain amount of pressure has been released from the boiler.
  • The boiler is made from durable stainless steel and has a volume of boiler is 0,95 l. Its use capacity is 0,75 l
  • The boiler power is 1500W, while the motor power at maximum is 1500W.
  • There is an indicator light provided to signal when the steam is ready for use.
  • The steam heats to 120 degrees Celsius, which delivers unsurpassed cleaning power, ever when compared to the newest products.
  • This machine will easily steam grease build-up from your painted walls in your kitchen. It also can remove even dirt that has been ground into your floors and stairs on certainly flooring options.
  • Accessories come with this Polti canister steam cleaner including such things as a squeegee for windows, extension hoses for reaching tricky places, and various brush attachments.
  • One brush is large and suitable for cleaning your floors. There is also the 120-degree concentrator for cleaning bathroom items such as the toilet and fixtures, along with refrigerators and other areas in the kitchen.
  • This attachment is also ideal for cleaning the grout on your tile floors or walls.
  • This machine is one of the cheapest of the Polti range which sells for only and includes free shipping.

There also are some disadvantages to using this model, which are below:

  • Attachments have to be stored separately from the unit, because of its compact size there is no place on the machine for storage. The cable does not even have a storage spot on the machine.
  • It would be easier to control the extension tubes, if they were stiffer.
  • The unit has no wheels and the only way to transport it easily is using the shoulder strap.

Does it Perform?

M. Jones says home kitchen has never been cleaner. This steamer cleaned the cooker, fridge, tiles, floor and even the fridge.

R. Colbreath says that even with a disability this steamer is easy to used on the floor and only takes one tank full of water to do the job.

What is the Best Thing about this Machine?

Everyone seems to agree that this machine’s weight is one of the best advantages about it, along with its terrific cleaning ability.

polti pocket cooker cleaning

What Problems are Customers Experiencing with this Steamer?

There are complaints about the unit leaking. Even though, this is referred to as normal in the instructions manual some customers have an issue with this fact. Another problem a customer reported is that it did not clean the oven as well as he expected it would.

You can buy the yellow Polti Pocket at Amazon, which is very competitive, and normally the best price on this particular model of steam cleaner online, I would say it is worth a try on this steamer to see what it will do for you after looking at all the information.