Polti 950 Steam Cleaner Review

The Polti 950 steam cleaner is a very compact and powerful device that finally delivers to consumers the type of eco-friendly cleaning effect they would love to have around their home. The cleaner is small and light making it handy for everyday cleaning activities such as getting to those stains caused by the kids or from the spilling of juice or food on your sofa or carpet. The polti vaporetto is easy to use, easy to handle and it is easy to change from one accessory to another and get on with your cleaning chore.

Surfaces and Hard to Reach Places

The polti 950 steam cleaner uses the power of steam to get the cleaning job done. This means there is no need to use soaps or other chemicals during the cleaning process. While the Vaporetto does a great job on surfaces, it also does a great job on those hard to reach places such as the crevices in the bathroom tile that you may have had a hard time scrubbing at for a long time. The steam from the Vaporetto cleans deep down, reaching and removing grease, stains and allergens. This leaves you with a squeaky clean environ where you and your loved ones can breathe easily and enjoy the peace of inhaling air that is not only free of allergens but also residue from cleaning chemicals.

Features of the Polti Vaporetto 950

The Vaporetto a compact 5kg device that boast features such as:

  • A 3.5 bar steam release pressure.
  • 140g/min steam emission speed.
  • 2000W boiler
  • 1.3L water capacity.
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Pressure switch.
  • Steam handle with childproof lock.
  • 3m cable.

The steamer also conveniently comes with its own bag for the accessories. As mentioned before it is easy to change the accessories as you move from cleaning one type of surface to another. The Vaporetto’s steam last longer so that just one filling can clean an entire apartment of a certain size. The product is competitively priced and can be used to clean your, carpets, sofas, windows, glass surfaces, areas prone to molds and so much more.

Consumers Say It Works

The polti 950 steam cleaner review largely sees the device receiving a five star rating from many satisfied customers. This gives the product an overall star rating that exceeds 4.5. Here are a few pros and cons of the polti 950 steam cleaner as was pointed out by reviewers on sites such as Reevo.com, Amazon.co.uk and Which.


    • Comes with a very handy storage/carry case to keep everything tidy.
    • Easy to set up, Easy to get going and easy to use.
    • Powerful yet easy to handle.
    • Excellent for cleaning the oven.
    • Works very well on carpets.
    • Lightweight and heats up quickly.
    • Does an excellent job of sanitising toilet and bathroom units.
    • Easy to empty left over water.
    • Good steam pressure.


  • Cord too short, it could be longer cord.
  • Soft cleaning covers useless.
  • A bit tedious to empty unused water.
  • Does not remove hard lime scale.
  • Does not do well at steaming clothes – sprays water on them.
  • Need a better option than having to having to hold down the switch throughout the entire cleaning process.
  • Does not do a good job of cleaning windows.
  • On and off button too stiff and causes the fingers to hurt.
  • Handle needs to be a bit more firm. It bends during side to side cleaning motion.


Despite the cons, customers are pleased with the product and willing shared their views for improving the product or the experience of using it. Here are two recommendations:

    • Product would be better with a trigger type handle.
    • Use filters to ensure hard water does not harden up.