Karcher SC4 Steam Cleaner Review

Karcher steam cleaners are recognised for their quality but which one is right for you? Karcher SC4 Continuous Steam Cleaner is small and compact, making it perfect for the individuals that need a lightweight appliance. On top of its great size and design, the steam cleaner has a number of additional great characteristics.

Does it Work?

With steam pressure of 3.5 bars, Karcher SC4 does work. Regardless of its small size, the appliance can be used to address some of the toughest stains and biggest household messes. The powerful steam can cut through layers of grime and dirt, restoring the spotless appearance of the surfaces.


The continuously removable and refillable water tank decreases the downtime, making it easy to complete a large cleaning project without disturbances.

Karcher SC4 can be used to clean the entire home and it performs as well as some of the biggest appliances on the market.

Let’s take a look at the functionalities and the accessories that make the steam cleaner worth giving a try to.

Main Advantages

Karcher SC4 Steam Cleaner has gotten a big number of positive customer reviews. Some of the praises mentioned most frequently in the testimonials include the following:

  • Compact and lightweight: this is the biggest advantage of Karcher SC4. If you can’t lift a heavy appliance, you will be more than happy with this steam cleaner. The appliance measures 38 by 25 by 27 centimetres and its weight is only 4.1 kilograms.

  • Accessories are available: though this steam cleaner isn’t considered a multi-functional one, a few accessories are provided by Karcher. These include an integrated funnel, a comfort-plus floor cleaning kit, two x 0.5 metre extension tubes, a microfiber cloth, a terry cloth, a steam hose with a gun and de-scaler sticks.
  • Powerful: the 2,000W motor produces powerful 3.5-bar steam. Only four minutes are required to heat the water sufficiently and make the steam cleaner operational. The heat is powerful enough to get rid of grease and grime, as well as to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria.


  • Safety features: a couple of safety features have been integrated in the design to make the use of the steam cleaner effortless and hazard-free. There’s a locking system that keeps kids from accidentally turning the steam cleaner on. A safety valve is also available for pressure control.
  • Adjustable steam: the amount of steam that the cleaner releases can be adjusted easily to make it suitable for use on the respective surface.

  • Continuous water refill: most steam cleaners have a cool down time, after which the tank can be taken out and refilled with water. Karcher SC4 has a continuous water refill system, making it easy to use the appliance continuously without having to wait for it to cool down and heat up once again.
  • Light indicators: Karcher SC4 Continuous Steam Cleaner comes with two LED indicators. The first one suggests when the water is hot enough for the cleaning process to begin. The second LED provides information about the water level.
  • On-board storage: the accessories can be stored conveniently onboard, preventing the loss of essential items.

A Few Shortcomings

The shortcomings that are mentioned most commonly by users include the following:

  • Only suitable for use on hard surfaces: Karcher SC4 can be used only on hard surfaces like sealed hardwood floors, tiles, windows, mirrors and marble. There isn’t a carpet glider or an accessory making the appliance suitable for use on carpets or furniture.
  • Leaves a wet residue on the floor: some buyers found out that regardless of the steam setting chosen, the appliance leaves wet residue behind. Some time is required for the floors to dry completely. The problem becomes even more pronounced when it comes to window cleaning.
  • No extra cloths: many other appliances come with at least a few additional microfiber clothes. In the case of this product, there’s just one that will need to be replaced sooner or later.

Final Verdict
Karcher SC4 does exactly what it promises to do. The shortcomings don’t really interfere with the performance of the machine (unless you need it to clean your windows). Compact, designed for continuous use and powerful, Karcher SC4 Steam Cleaner doesn’t disappoint.