Karcher SC3 All-in-One Steam Cleaner Review

Karcher SC3 steam cleaner is a popular cleaning appliance that has a big number of positive customer reviews. Does it deserve its reputation, however? The following review will help you find out.

Does The Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner Actually Work?

Karcher SC3 is a heavy-duty machine that features 3.5-bar pressure for in-depth cleaning. The chemical-free tool relies on the disinfecting power of steam to clean services in a safe and environment-friendly way.

The appliance is great for people that want to get rid of harmful bacteria and for the ones that want to enjoy allegen-free home. Continuous steam and refillable water tank make Karcher SC3 steam cleaner easy to use and very practical.

To sum it up, the steam cleaner does work in a way similar to what the manufacturer promises. The appliance has a couple of great characteristics that set it apart from the other steam cleaners on the market.

Best Features

Karcher SC3 All-in-One Steam Cleaner has several great characteristics that ensure its effectiveness and make the appliance worth a purchase:

  • Compact and provided with various tools and accessories: Karcher SC3 is a compact steam cleaner that measures solely 360 by 236 by 253 millimetres. The weight of the cleaner minus the accessories is 3.1 kilograms. When talking about accessories, it’s important to point out that Karcher SC3 comes with everything needed to clean the house – an integrated funnel, a comfort floor cleaning kit, manual nozzle, detail nozzle, round brush, a terry cloth and terry cloth cover.
  • Powerful: maximum steam pressure of 3.5 bars makes the appliance powerful enough to clean just about every surface. The heating output in watts is 1900 and 0.5 minutes are required to heat the water sufficiently.
  • Easy steam volume control: the person using the steam cleaner has a lot of control over the functions. The handle features a steam flow control that allows for individual adjustments based on the type of surface being cleaned and the amount of dirt.

  • Anti-scaling cartridge: an anti-scaling cartridge is included in the kit, which could prove exceptionally beneficial for increasing the lifespan of the steam cleaner.
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces: Karcher SC3 steam cleaner is a universal appliance that can be used on nearly all of the surfaces in the home. Ceilings, mattresses, upholstery, furniture and all types of floors can be cleaned using the powerful steam.
  • Can be refilled with water during use: a water level indicator is available to let you know when it’s time to refill the reservoir. The appliance can be refilled while it’s being used, ensuring continuous steam flow.
  • Easy on-board storage: all of the accessories can be stored on the appliance itself, preventing the loss of some and enabling efficient space utilisation. The units will simply have to be attached on the main unit once you’re done with cleaning.
  • Safety features: the appliance comes with a child lock on the steam gun, eliminating the risk of accidents.

A Few Shortcomings

While it does have a big number of merits, Karcher SC3 steam cleaner misses the mark in a couple of important ways. Some of the shortcomings that need to be mentioned include the following:

  • It releases too much steam: according to some of the reviewers, the appliance releases too much steam even when being used on the low setting. As a result, the steam cleaner does leave some wet streaks on the floor.
  • Only two terry clothes are provided in the original kit: you’ll be responsible for the purchase of additional accessories.
  • Minimal instructions: some of the buyers reported that they would have been happier if more detailed instructions were provided with the steam cleaner.

Final Verdict
Karcher SC3 All-in-One Steam Cleaner is a high quality appliance that features an excellent price to quality ratio. The benefits of this item far outweigh the few shortcomings. If you want a powerful steam cleaner that can be used on a wide array of surfaces, you’ll be happy with what this one has to offer.