Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner

The Kärcher sc1.020 multi-purpose steam cleaner has a range of features increasing its functionality. This review was created to help you decide whether this steam cleaner is the right one for you.

The SC1020 Steam Cleaner Comprehensive Review

Basic Features

Karcher steam cleaner SC1020 is very lightweight and compact – two of the features that draw many people to the model. The availability of a hand tool, a brush and a detail nozzle enable the usage of the machine for different surfaces and types of cleaning.

The cleaner delivers steam at a high temperature, enabling environment-friendly and safe cleaning without chemicals. The steam is capable of drawing dirt and grime out of the surfaces without the addition of cleaning agents.

According to the manufacturer, the Karcher 1020 will need eight minutes to transform cold water into steam that is ready for cleaning purposes. To speed up the process even further, you can fill the container with hot water and save a couple of minutes.

The machine has several other important features that deserve to be mentioned:

  • Adjustable steam control option
  • A childproof safety lock
  • Descaling sticks
  • Availability of both a small and a large cotton cloth for cleaning the floor and using with the hand tool
  • 1500 watts of heating output
  • 3.2 bars of steam pressur
  • One-litre tank capacity
  • Unit weight of three kilograms


The lightness of the SC1020 Karcher is one of the biggest advantages. The unit is very easy to move around and to use for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. The steam cleaner is compact, which facilitates its storage in any kind of available space.

  • There are several additional benefits worth mentioning. The most important advantages include:
  • A range of accessories available for all types of cleaning projects
  • High temperature steam that can get rid of dirt without the usage of a commercially-produced chemical or bleach
  • Very short water heat-up time
  • It comes with a parking position that can be used if you have to stop cleaning
  • Affordable price
  • Not a continuous steam cleaner, which enables you to choose when and how long to use the steam

A Few Shortcomings
Though customers are generally satisfied with the Karcher SC 1020 steam cleaner, there are a few shortcoming and problems with the product. The lack of an attachment for window cleaning is one of the most commonly mentioned problems with the steam cleaner. There are a few additional disadvantages to keep in mind:

  • A relatively short cable that can be limiting during the cleaning process
  • The handle could get hot from the steam after continuous usage
  • The cloths are suitable for a limited number of cleaning sessions
  • Relatively little machine, which results in some cleaning limitations for larger surfaces

What Customers have to Say

Since the SC1.020 is considered one of  the best Karcher steam cleaners, there is a wide range of customer reviews you can go through before deciding to make a purchase. Most people who bought the cleaner were satisfied with its cleaning abilities and with the price to quality ratio. There is some criticism about the lack of a bigger set of attachments and cleaning nozzles.

One of the customers who bought Karcher SC1020 steamer cleaner wrote that the “kitchen tiles are shiney and look fab; the black mould that had grown in the grouting behind the sink and no amount of wiping had removed, was easily blasted away.” The reviewer was unhappy with the lack of a window cleaning attachment but said that Karcher SC1020 could be used for all other purposes.

The Karcher sc1.020 steam cleaner is affordable and it does what it promises – clean thoroughly without the use of chemicals. If you are looking for a compact, easy to use and powerful cleaning tool for the home, this one will be perfect for you.