H2O Mop X5 Green Steam Mop Review

The H2O X5 steam mop is probably one of the most popular options on the market because of the television commercials. Everybody has seen it and most people think about the green cleaner when it comes to steam mops.

Is this steam cleaner the right one for you and your home? The following X5 steam mop review will help you decide by presenting the biggest advantages and the few shortcomings that the product has.

Basic Features

The H2O X5 steam mop has one very prominent characteristic – an extra-wide cleaning head that can be used for cleaning carpets and other kinds of floors. There are additional attachments that will be great for cleaning the windows, mirrors, furniture and even clothing.

The cleaner delivers high temperature steam that can be used for the removal of all kinds of stains without the addition of a chemical-based cleaner. The steam is also great for killing bacteria and disinfecting surfaces.

H2O X5 steam mop is an upright steam cleaner that will stand on its own, if you need to stop the cleaning process for one reason or another. It is equipped with a 360-degree pivoting head that increases the simplicity of use and versatility of the machine.

Here is an X5 steam mop review features list that will give you information about all additional characteristics of the cleaner:

  • Lightweight design that makes moving the steam cleaner and storing it an easy task
  • An extra long cord that has a length of six metres
  • Attachments for glass cleaning, a carpet glider and a jet nozzle
  • Several steam levels, depending on the type of stain you are trying to tackle
  • Comes with microfibre pads, super absorbent cloths and brushes
  • Boxed product weight of four kilograms

The extra-wide cleaning path is considered one of the biggest H2O X5 steam mop advantages. If you have a big house or an apartment and you have to deal with large surface areas when cleaning, this mop is perfect for you.

The upright position and the lightness of the cleaner increase the convenience even further. You can deal with the floors without having to bend and work too hard.

Several other important advantages are worth mentioning, as well:

  • It can remove all kinds of sticky and stubborn stains
  • The machine has a high steam rate that facilitates steam removal
  • Adjustable steam settings give you all the control during the process
  • The different kinds of nozzles make the steam mop suitable for cleaning all kinds of surfaces
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around
  • A hose extension is available, simplifying glass and mirror cleaning

A Few Shortcomings
Though the H2O X5 steam mop is easy to use and capable of delivering what the commercials promise, there are a few shortcomings:

  • Some buyers consider the steam mop to be bulky
  • The water container is small, providing steam for approximately 14 minutes of continuous cleaning
  • It can be seen as a bit expensive in comparison to other products on the market
  • Some of the steam levels disperse too much steam, which can leave surfaces wet

Customer Reviews
People who bought the H2O X5 steam mop were generally satisfied with the purchase but they complained about the small water tank. Other than that issue, the mop is a powerful steam cleaner that can be used to maintain the house surfaces in a perfect condition.

One of the reviewers wrote that “ease of use and efficiency are the two major concerns in my busy day. I do not particularly like housework and the H20 gives me one device that covers all my main tasks. Its weight and carrying ability help me, as I am not a large woman. In all, it is simple, practical and efficient.”