Gleam Steam 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner Review

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What could be better than owning a steam mop? Having an entire steam cleaning system at your disposal will definitely beat a single appliance. This is what Gleam Steam 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner promises to be.

Equipped with an array of accessories, this steam cleaner is supposed to be suitable for use on a wide array of surfaces throughout the home.

Does it Work?

The product is a standard steam mop that comes with an array of nozzles and brushes, turning it in a multi-functional appliance.

Gleam Steam 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner relies on the high temperature and the disinfecting power of steam.

Because of these two characteristics, it can be used to address tough stains and to kill common pathogenic bacteria in the home.

The appliance is powered by a 1500W motor – an essential that’s needed to heat the water and turn it into steam.

Because of these main characteristics, Gleam Steam 10 in 1 does work. Gleam Steam cleaner has already gotten numerous positive customer reviews. Let’s go over some of the features that buyers find most beneficial.

Main Benefits
Some of the most prominent Gleam Steam cleaner advantages include the following:

  • (the obvious one!) A big number of accessories: since the steam cleaner is to be used on much more than hard floors, it comes with an array of accessories. Some of the top items in the kit are a standard triangle mop head, a carpet glider, a super-absorbent microfiber pad, two standard microfiber pads, large squeegee, grout cleaning tool, a small scrub brush, angle nozzle, a scraping tool and various others.

  • Fast water heating: the motor allows for the quick heating up of water. The heat-up time is only 25 seconds due to the powerful internal boiler mechanism.
  • Steam adjustments: the amount of steam is variable and it can be adjusted effortlessly to enable the specific type of cleaning that you intend to do.
  • Lightweight and functional: regardless of the numerous accessories, Gleam Steam 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner is incredibly lightweight. The appliance measures 117 by 31 by 21 millimetres and its weight is only 2.6 kilograms.

  • Easy to refill: the water tank has a capacity of 330 millilitres. The volume is a bit on the smaller side but it does keep the mop lightweight. On the plus side, the water tank is very easy to detach and refill.
  • Reasonably priced: in comparison to other steam cleaners, this one is quite reasonably priced. If you’re not looking for advanced functionalities and you need an appliance that can be used throughout the house, you’ll be happy with what this one has to offer.

A Few Shortcomings
While Gleam Steam cleaner does get the job done, there are a few shortcomings that have to be mentioned:

  • Steam not powerful enough: some people found the steam to not be powerful enough for the removal of tough stains or major grime buildup. It’s good for everyday cleaning in the house but if you intend to do more serious steaming, you’ll need another appliance.
  • Some of the accessories will never be used: the problem with multi-functional cleaners that come with dozens of accessories is that people usually require just a couple of pieces to maintain a clean home. Most people who reviewed the product had never used all of the attachments that it comes with.
  • Leaves wet residue: some users were unhappy with the fact that the steam cleaner leaves a wet residue on floors and windows. When it comes to windows, this could be a problem due to the streaking that will occur after the water dries.

Final Verdict

Gleam Steam 10 in 1 is an affordable piece for starters and people who want to steam their floors/carpets/furniture occasionally. The price to quality ratio is excellent.

The cleaner has numerous accessories and the steam level can be adjusted.

It’s not as powerful or advanced as some of the other appliances on the market but unless you’re facing a challenging cleaning task, it will get the job done.