Efbe-Schott 1.1 Litre SteamEasy 4-Bar Review

Do you want a tiny steam cleaner that comes with a tool kit for added convenience? The Efbe-Schott SteamEasy is such an appliance. Incredibly compact and equipped with tools for all kinds of cleaning, the steam cleaner is perfect for the home owner who’s short on space.

Does it Work?

The Efbe-Schott steam cleaner does work. The steam pressure is four bars, which is actually higher than what some of the bigger appliances on the market are capable of delivering. At the same time, the cleaner is lightweight and easy to move around.

Efbe-Schott 1.1 Litre 1500W SteamEasy has a very practical design. The company’s team has put a lot of effort into making it usable and convenient.

A long capable and a strap carry option come on top of the sensible product design. Regardless of the surface you need to have cleaned, this appliance will get the job done effortlessly.

Main Benefits

Some of the most important SteamEasy benefits have already been outlined but there are numerous other positive characteristics mentioned in buyer testimonials:

  • Compact and sturdy: good things come in small packages and Efbe-chott SteamEasy is the proof. The cleaner measures 23 by 67.6 by 42.6 centimetres and its weight is eight kilograms. The cleaner also features cool touch construction for added safety during the cleaning process.
  • Lots of accessories: this is one of the main selling points. The kit comes equipped with a shoulder strap, two wire brush tools, a concentration nozzle, multi-tool garment steamer, a window squeegee, floor brush, carpet brush, two edging brushes, a microfiber cloth and a toolbox.

  • Heats up quickly: the 1500W motor does an excellent job of heating the water fast and turning it into steam. Power and ready lights let you know when the appliance is ready to use.
  • Adjustable steam output: the amount of steam that the appliance releases can be controlled through a thumbwheel on the handle. You can modify the amount while doing your cleaning. The amount of steam will depend on the type of surface being cleaned and on the amount of dirt.
  • A long power cord: the power cord is six metres long. This is a major convenience since various steam cleaners have short cords that interfere with the effortless cleaning of larger spaces.

  • A sufficiently big water reservoir: the water reservoir is big enough to ensure approximately 40 minutes of undisturbed cleaning. The boiler cap is big, which makes it easy to turn and allows for spill-free refills.
  • Tough and reinforced plastic: the body of the steam cleaner is made of lightweight reinforced plastic. The material is incredibly long lived, giving you added value through the years. In addition, the construction will remain cool to the touch during the entire cleaning process.
  • Can clean tough stains: the four bars of pressure make it possible to dislodge packed dirt and get rid of old, stubborn grease stains. Efbe-Schott steam cleaner is a versatile appliance that can be used to do all kinds of cleaning in the house. Because of the powerful steam, no detergent is required to get the job done.

A Few Shortcomings

A few common complaints about Efbe-Schott SteamEasy include:

  • No limescale filtration: there isn’t a filtration cartridge that handles hard water. If the water in your area is hard, you may have to think about a de-scaling option before pouring it in the steam cleaner.
  • Not the most aesthetically-pleasing design: while far from a major inconvenience, the design of the appliance isn’t the most innovative out there. If you’re looking for a minimalist and hi-tech looking gadget, this one isn’t the right option for you.
  • Some water leakage: some reviewers have reported water leakage problems when using some of the accessories.

Final Verdict
The Efbe-Schott steam cleaner is a high quality, multi-purpose item. Its best feature is that all of the required accessories are provided. The sufficiently high steam pressure is another excellent feature that ensures the quality of the cleaning outcome.

A few shortcomings have been mentioned but they don’t outweigh the benefits. Reasonably priced and functional, this steam cleaner does deliver on its promises.